TechZone is also Akron-Summit County Public Library’s makerspace. What is a makerspace? It’s a place for making, learning, exploring and sharing.

TechZone is open to artists, entrepreneurs, small business owners, hobbyists, and creative types of all kinds. We have a variety of tools available for free or little cost. Some examples include recording studios, laser engraver, vinyl printer, green screen room, design computers, button/magnet maker, media transfer station, and more.

Creating something yourself is what a makerspace is all about. You have the idea. We have the tools. Come make your thing.

We have over 40 computers available to the public for free. Our knowledgeable staff can help you if you have any software-related questions. If you need some more in-depth technology help, we teach free computer classes at branches and the Main Library computer lab, and we’re also available for individualized help at our 1 on 1 Tech Help desk. All TechZone staff are passport acceptance agents and Notaries. So if you need a passport or need something notarized for free, stop in or give us a call to make an appointment.

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Hold Harmless/User Agreement

Prior to using TechZone, all users must review our TechZone Rules and Procedures and sign a Hold Harmless / User Agreement. Read, print, and sign in TechZone or do it from home and bring a signed copy to your first appointment.


TechZone Equipment and User Guides

* Pricing does not include sales tax. TechZone pricing and equipment subject to change.

3D Printer

Find a design - or create your own - and email us the file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 3D prints cost $1 per print hour. Some examples of what can be printed are toys, tools, prototypes, inventions, and tchotchkes.

TechZone 3D Printer Basics

Button/Magnet Maker

Use the button maker to create buttons or magnets to promote your business, campaign, band, or brand. We have three options of sizes: the cost is 25¢ each for the 1.5” size, 30¢ each for the 2.25” size and 45¢ each for the 3”. You can also make 1.5" key chains or badge reels for $1.00 each.*

TechZone Button/Magnet Maker Basics
TechZone Button/Magnet Maker Instructions

Design Computer

Where your design dreams become a reality. Use our design computers to start developing your ideas using Adobe Creative Cloud, Corel, and the Microsoft Office suite.

TechZone Design Computers

Green Screen

Want to interview someone or make a commercial and then superimpose your subjects onto a virtual background? Then the green screen is for you. We have lights, cameras, and instructions if needed.

TechZone Green Screen Basics
TechZone Green Screen Instructions


Laminate an award, artwork, ID card, or anything else worth preserving. We have two different sizes of laminate pouches: 8.5”x11.5” and 9”x14” and they are 50 cents each. *

Heat Press

The heat press is available to use for free. It’s necessary if you are using our Direct to Garment Printer; you bring your own heat transfer sheets to cut on our Silhouette Curio; or you have made your own heat transfers elsewhere and just need a heat press to use. It’s the final step to personalized shirts.

Laser Engraver

Etch your logo or design into a variety of materials. Make the design yourself or find something online. You can use the laser engraver/cutter to make complex designs, or simply etch text, pictures, or patterns.

TechZone Laser Engraver Basics
TechZone Laser Engraver using CorelDraw
TechZone Laser Engraver on a Round Object

Media Transfer Station

Do you have negatives, VHS, pictures, super 8mm, Vinyl LPs, or cassettes that you would love to have a digital copy? Then this is the station for you.

TechZone Media Transfer Basics

Photo Printer

Did you take pictures with your phone, digital camera, or tablet on vacation, at a special event, or when you were out and about? Use our photo printer to get a hard copy of those snapshots. 4x6 photos are 25¢ each; 5x7 photos are 50¢ each. *

Recording Studio

Record music, interviews, or podcasts using TechZone’s Recording Studios. Our studios include have virtual instruments, music loops and studio quality recording software to help you sound great.

TechZone Recording Studio Basics
TechZone Recording Studio Instructions

Sewing Machine

Mend an item or create something new using TechZone’s Elna 3230. Bring your own bobbins and thread.

Silhouette Cameo

Do you like to scrapbook or make homemade cards? Then let the Silhouette Curio help you cut out fun shapes, draw cool sayings, etc. It’s a crafters dream! Create a file then cut it out using this electronic cutting machine.

TechZone Make a Card file Silhouette Studio
TechZone Make a T-shirt Silhouette Studio

Studio in a Box

Use the background and lighting provided by our Studio in a Box to take professional photos of your items to post on eBay, social media, or your website.

Vinyl Printer

You bring the design. We have the materials to advertise your business or decorate a room by printing banners, stickers, or window clings on our vinyl printer. Vinyl options available to print on with this machine are: vinyl matte/gloss, glossy paper, static clings, and adhesives. All vinyls are $4 per foot + $1 setup fee*.

TechZone Vinyl Printer Basics
TechZone Vinyl Printer Cut Line Tutorial for Adobe
TechZone Vinyl Printer Design Banner in Publisher

Not sure how to use our equipment?

Our dedicated TechZone staff are here to assist you with your project by explaining equipment/software, speaking from personal experience, providing training materials, and answering questions to the best of our ability.

Call or email with questions or to book an appointment on one of our machines.

330.643.9145 | Division Email | 1ON1 Tech Help

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