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For fans of comics, movies, manga, gaming, and television shows.

This year’s GeekFest was a huge success! Over 1200 people attended!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of the vendors, exhibitors and artists who participated in this year's event:

Astra Invicta LLC - Shannon Eichorn 
Boardgamers of Greater Akron (BOGA)
Cajun Sushi Hamsters
Cemetery Road Provisions
Chase City Pops & Collectibles
Cline A. Siegenthaler 
Comic Book Presentations - Alan Baltis 
DL Wainright
DoveTail BookBinding
Ed Griffie
H. Alishusky Illustration
Happy Skull Productions
Jordan Wong
Justin Eisinger
Damion Kendrick
Left Brain|Right Brain - Krystal Clemente Ahmed
Left Handed Humor - Lulu Emanuele
The MacBath
The Mad Crafter

ManiKitchen Tea
Miscreant and the Muse
Miss G’s BBQ
Nerdalee - Vance Burkett
Oddmall / Con on the Cob
Recess Games
Rubber City Cosplay
SavvyDragon art 
Sci-Fi Tie-Dye
Scott Edwards 
Stories By Ethan - Ethan Avery 
Tales Unlimited, LLC. - Marcus V. Calvert
Tims Stickers and Prints 
USS Lagrange--Star Trek Fan Club
The World is Mine (TWIM) Publishing - Daquita Cummings
Chloe Wingard

Cosplay Contest Winners

Rubber City Cosplay partnered with us to host a Cosplay Contest!

Art Contest Winners

What’s Next?

Whether you're a fan of Marvel, Star Wars, Doctor Who, gaming, anime, or D&D, you're sure to have a great time geeking out with your fellow fans at GeekFest! All fandoms are welcome at this all-ages event. Check back later in the year for details about GeekFest 2023. In the meantime, check out these opportunities to geek out at the library.

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