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My Lists

You can create and save lists of items you want to read, watch or listen to using My Lists. You can later add or delete items from your Lists. To begin:

  1. In the Catalog, click "Add to Cart" cart icon or "SAVE" in our New & Notable featured listings.
  2. If coming from the Catalog, you'll want to click the "View Cart" link in the notification that appears or simply navigate to the Bookcart once your intended items are all contained in the cart.
  3. Click list icon "Save to List" and either select an existing list from the drop-down list or, to create a new list, click the "Save to new list" link underneath. Multiple items can be assigned to a list simultaneously by ensuring the checkmark to the left is selected for all of the intended entries you'd like to add to one list.
  4. Enter a title and describe your new list, if you just created one.
  5. Optionally, clear your bookcart with "Select All" and click remove cart "Remove from Cart". The bookcart is saved to your session so you could also log out and back in if you prefer that method.