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The Akron-Summit County Public Library is committed to inclusive access to Library resources and engaged participation by all Library customers. A diagnosis of memory loss impacts both the individual and their care partners, but Library use can and should continue. The Akron-Summit County Public Library is committed to providing Dementia-Inclusive resources to allow for continued participation in your Library, and resources for maintaining the skills and interests that make the abundant life possible beyond our Library walls.

All ASCPL staff members have received Dementia-Friends certification from the Ohio Council for Cognitive Health. For more about Dementia-Friends, visit

Memory Café

Memory Café is a relaxing and comfortable gathering for people living in the early stages of memory loss and their caregivers to connect, socialize, and build support networks. Registration requested. Memory Cafés are intended for people living in the early stages of memory loss and their caregivers. Enjoy meaningful activities that promote social interaction, companionship, and learning.

Memory Cafés take place regularly at the Northwest Akron, Norton, and Portage Lakes Branches. You can check out these upcoming Memory Café programs coming soon

This program is sponsored by the Ohio Council for Cognitive Health. 

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Memory Kits For Individual Enjoyment and Engagement With Care Partners:

Memory Kits are designed for individuals who have memory concerns or cognitive impairment resulting from dementia or similar conditions. The purpose of these activities is to provide meaningful, enjoyable ways to engage in life while completing familiar tasks that maintain:

  • Attention
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Balance
  • Coordinated Movements
  • Reading
  • Communication;
  • Hand-Eye Coordination

Memory Kits are located at Main Library, can be placed on hold by adult cardholders, and are picked up and returned at the Drive-In Window at Main Library and at Branch locations. Kits circulate for two weeks (no renewals at this time). No late fees accrue, but replacement fees may apply.

A Short Video About Your Library's Memory Kits


Explore Brain HQ

BrainHQ has more than two dozen brain-training exercises organized into six categories: attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, intelligence, and navigation. It works on computers and mobile devices.

Brain HQ



Also from the Ohio Council For Cognitive Health…

And Even More Information!

The Alzheimer’s Association (and our own Greater East Ohio Area Chapter) is another great resource for support and information for living well with memory loss.

Dementia Action Alliance provides essential information about living well with dementia—information shared by people living with dementia, by care partners, and by leading dementia specialists.

The Dementia Society of America shares education, resources, and life-enrichment with those impacted by dementia.

Tracey Lind, artist, advocate, and faith leader, shares her living with dementia template for what you would like others to know about your interests and preferences.

Our Mission: The Akron-Summit County Public Library provides resources for learning and leisure, information services, meeting spaces, and programs for all ages that support, improve, and enrich individual, family, and community life.