Now you can listen to unique audio content from our website anytime, anywhere! On this page you will find library-produced podcasts from the Akron-Summit County Public Library. One of the Library's main purposes is to connect you with the information you need, when and where you need it. Podcasting gives you the convenience of accessing content at your leisure.

On Nonfiction

The Nordonia Hills Library Podcast focuses on both newer and older titles. Our explorations are 10 to 18 minutes in length, bringing you an informal introduction to titles in many diverse areas of the collection: geography, science, economics, fine arts, music, food, religion, social sciences, biography, literature, business, philosophy, travel, holidays, entertainment, history, generalities, and more.... an enjoyable discussion of nonfiction specifically, and reading generally.

On Nonfiction podcast
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Ray's Listening Room

Determined to bring you sounds you might not have heard before (and sometimes sounds you forgot about), the Ellet Branch Library Podcast is an 8-10 minute podcast that features musical excerpts from non-mainstream artists such as alternative rockers Sleater-Kinney, indie folk trio the Innocence Mission, ambient post-rock instrumental duo Hammock, and Christian grunge-alternative rock icon Steve Taylor. A recent episode even featured excerpts from a two-disc best-of from Lost And Found Sound, a wonderful (but now-defunct) program from NPR.

Think of Ray’s Listening Room as a really cool pirate radio station. But legal.

Ray's Listening Room podcast
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