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Special Collections Division
Akron-Summit County Public Library
60 South High Street
Akron, Ohio 44326
Phone: 330-643-9030
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How We Can Help

We can do lookups and provide scans and copies of materials as detailed below. All requests will be fulfilled within three weeks. If a request requires more time, you will be notified. We cannot undertake extensive research. For in-depth research assistance, a list of local researchers for hire is available on the Summit County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society website.

Fees and Guidelines

Obituaries, Articles, Vital Records and Copies from Print Publications

  • Limit each order to no more than five items and submit only two orders per month.
  • Please be specific in your request, including index citations when possible. (See additional information below.)
  • There is no charge for items sent electronically. Please let us know which file format you prefer – JPEG or PDF.
  • A fee of $.05 per copy plus a $1.00 mailing fee will be charged for all requests sent by U.S. mail. Please provide your full name and mailing address with your request.

Reproductions of Archival Items

  • High quality digital files of photographs and archival print, audio or video materials are $2.00 per item. See our Reproduction Order Form for details. Fees may be higher for materials from some collections. Please contact us for more information. Note: Researchers may visit Special Collections and make their own photocopies at $.05 for black and white and $.25 for color copies, or may scan items for free. Some materials are restricted.

Additional Information

Several resources are available to help you locate information pertinent to your research: