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Akron Art Library

Michael Loderstedt and Craig Lucas Rhino

Michael Loderstedt and Craig Lucas, R from Bestiary, 1999-2000 - Screenprint and relief on paper

About the Artists

Michael Loderstedt
American, born 1958, Plainfield, New Jersey
Lives in Cleveland, Ohio

Craig Lucas
American, born 1941, Cleveland, Ohio
Died 2011, Kent, Ohio

R is for Rhino. This large, red rhino is part of a series of prints by artists Michael Loderstedt and Craig Lucas inspired by the letters of the alphabet. In the series, each letter is represented by a different animal. The artists looked to illustrated animal encyclopedias known as bestiaries, created in medieval Europe, for inspiration.

Loderstedt and Lucas both taught at Kent State University. Their collaborative series Bestiary is in the collection of the Akron Art Museum as well as additional works by each artist. Both artists have been exhibited at galleries and museums nationally and internationally.

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