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Akron Art Library

Micah Kraus, PUI Madrid, 2017

Micah Kraus, PUI Madrid, 2017 - Laser engraved acrylic ink on rag paper

About the Artist

Micah Kraus
American, born 1976, Conneaut, Ohio
Lives in Akron, Ohio

Artist and Hoban High School art teacher Micah Kraus gets inspiration from traveling the world and wandering the streets of his West Akron neighborhood. This particular image is based on a photograph Kraus took in Madrid. Kraus used a laser engraver in the Akron-Summit County Public Library, Main Library’s TechZone to create this work. The image is developed by coating heavy rag paper with multiple layers of ink (in this case, white, black then gold ink) and then reducing the surface with a laser engraver. This technique creates a tension between loose handmade markings, the layers of ink and the detail of the photographic image.

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