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Akron Art Library - North Hill Collection

Janet Snell - Pearls in Red, 2020 artwork

Janet Snell - Pearls of Red, 2013 - Watercolor

About the Artist

Janet Snell
Lived in Akron, Ohio

"Pearls in Red" is a comment on potential. Some people see the white round objects as eggs, and the space as a nest, rather than an oyster wrapping its gloss around specks of grit. " When an image comes to me, it's not a completely formed image. I don't want it to be. I want something spontaneous to happen when I start to paint. Then, after losing and getting back the drawing many times, developing the space, I can re-capture the image that was in my head in the first place. I'm not completely an expressionist. There's objectivity and logic and subjectivity in the space I create, and some realism in the image."