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Akron Art Library - North Hill Collection

Janet Snell - Childhood, 2020 artwork

Janet Snell - Childhood, 2001 - Oil on canvas

About the Artist

Janet Snell
Lived in Akron, Ohio

"Childhood" was inspired by a little boy at the intersection of intense absorption in the world and its workings (that intense gaze) and the exuberance of discovery exemplified by the lock of blue hair. This is how Janet described her method of portraiture: "Whenever I see an interesting face, I want to paint it. In my portraits, I use color freely to express the subject’s personality while the facial features remain realistic. The portraits are semi-expressionistic, only because I still stick to the realism of the subject’s facial features. Thus the portraits are related to my other work, for which I get images when listening to music. Then I have to find the right space to put the image in. That’s where process comes in. The touch of the brush leads in an intuitive manner to develop the space."