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Akron Art Library

David Szalay, Darwins Fox, 2017

David Szalay, Darwins Fox, 2017 - Digital Print

About the Artist

David Szalay
American, born 1965, Akron, Ohio
Lives in Richfield, Ohio

Artist and illustrator David Szalay is interested in storytelling. He’s inspired by collective experiences, such as exploring nature and childhood memories. Darwin’s Fox is based on an exploratory series documenting several critically endangered species from around the globe. The bright colors contrast with the somber subject of the endangered Darwin’s fox. Szalay also looked to the Saturday morning cartoons for inspiration. He was especially inspired by background artist Maurice Noble who worked on the landscapes of many early Warner Brothers cartoons. Although Szalay’s style emulates watercolor painting, most of his work is created digitally.

Graduate of University of Akron’s Myers School of Art, Szalay currently teaches as an Associate Professor of Graphic Design there. Prints of his work can be found at Little Chicago Clothing in Canton. To view more work by Szalay, visit: