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Akron Art Library - Odom Boulevard Collection

Chris Harvey - SHERO: UNMASKED - 2018

Chris Harvey, SHERO: UNMASKED, 2018 - Digital inkjet print on paper

About the Artist

Chris Harvey
American, born 1989, Akron, Ohio;
Lives in Akron, Ohio

Chris Harvey’s work features prominent themes of men and women of color in positions of power and self-reflection. In SHERO: UNMASKED, an ode to the artist’s real life sheroes, Harvey challenges conventional beauty standards by giving the figure short hair and dark skin. Drawing inspiration from the comic book superheroes from his childhood, Harvey uses white or void space for eyes in his illustrations. His work is also heavily influenced by minimalism, Art Nouveau, ukiyo-e, Pop art, hip-hop, jazz, and anime.

Chris Harvey is a digital artist and graphic designer from Akron. He served six years in the Ohio Army National Guard as an Infantryman and deployed to Egypt for a year-long peacekeeping mission. In 2010 he sustained a head injury and developed epilepsy due to a traumatic brain injury and uses art as a therapy and outlet to combat his symptoms. To view more work by Chris Harvey, visit: or follow on Instagram @chrish330