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Akron Art Library

Lauren Mckenzie-Noel - Twins - 2018

Adana Tillman - Hide and Seek - Cotton with hand embroidered details 20 x 16 in.

About the Artist

Adana Tillman
American, born 1985, Akron, Ohio;
lives Atlanta, Georgia

Adana Tillman’s portraits retain the traces of the artist’s hand. She shapes these compositions by cutting, arranging and sewing together fabrics of varying colors, textures and patterns. Tillman’s craft is rooted in family tradition, as she first learned to work with fabric from her mother, assisting in making quilts, pillows and clothing. She translated these skills into creating wall tapestries, like Hide and Seek, using a variety of fabrics and hand stitching techniques. 

Adana Tillman was born and raised in Akron. She was a regional finalist of the 2017 Bombay Sapphire Artisan series and 2017 High Arts Festival participant.

To see more work from Adana Tillman, visit: or follow on Instagram @adanadeneice