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By Maddy Dolezal,
Public Service Assistant II, Business, Government & Science Division

SOUR album cover

SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo shot to fame with her single “drivers license” in January. Join this rising star as she shares her trials and tribulations of heartbreak, betrayal, and insecurity on her debut album “SOUR.”

Red (Taylor's Version)album cover

Red (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift
This year, Taylor Swift took a bold step in re-recording previous albums to regain artistic and financial control of her music. This album not only allowed Swift to own her work but features new songs that showcase her exceptional narrative songwriting ability.

Happier Than Ever album cover

Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish
Maintaining relevance after a successful debut album isn’t always easy for artists but Billie Eilish kept fans engaged with “Happier Than Ever,” incorporating elements of electro, techno, jazz-pop, and R&B. She expresses struggles faced by young women in the entertainment industry.

Sling album cover

Sling by Clairo
Clairo’s sophomore album “Sling'' is a power-pop album, embracing touchstones of 1970s folk. Clairo crafts emotive songs as she shares experiences of one-sided relationships, mental health, and aging.

30 album cover

30 by Adele
Best-selling music artist Adele breaks her 6-year hiatus with the album “30.” Adele hits us with more powerful ballads and strong vocals as she narrates her experiences of divorce, motherhood, and fame.

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