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By Laurie VonGunten and Sarah Hay
Early Childhood Librarians, Ellet Branch Library

A Child’s Introduction to Egyptology  book cover

A Child’s Introduction to Egyptology by Heathers Alexander
Meet the gods and goddesses, see how the Great Pyramid was built, and shiver at spooky tales about mummies.

Song in a Rainstorm  book cover

Song in a Rainstorm by Glenda Armand
This is the story of 'Blind' Tom Wiggins who was born a blind child to slave parents. Tom's musical ability is discovered and exploited as he is taken to tour the world.

Zion Unmatched book cover

Zion Unmatched by Zion Clark and James S. Hirsch
Zion was born without legs, but he hasn’t let that stop him! Amazing photos teach valuable lessons of perseverance.

What if You Could Spy like a Narwhal  book cover

What if You Could Spy like a Narwhal by Sandra Markle
Fun facts about the unusual animal and what you could do if you were that type of animal.

Anne Frank : the girl heard around the world book cover

Anne Frank : The Girl Heard Around the World by Linda Elovitz Marshall
In this simple biography, Anne Frank’s determination to be heard, despite being in hiding, may inspire others to tell their stories.

Butterflies Are Pretty Gross! book cover

Butterflies Are Pretty Gross! by Rosemary Mosco
Everyone thinks butterflies are simply beautiful, but they actually have a gross side!

Gone to the Woods  book cover

Gone to the Woods by Gary Paulsen
Gary Paulsen tells his story of his turbulent childhood. His experiences on a farm, witnessing war, friendship with a librarian, and army life lead to his remarkable storytelling.

All about Mermaids book cover

All about Mermaids by Izzy Quinn
Discover everything there is to know about the oceans’ most mysterious creatures, complete with beautiful double-page illustrations.

Surprising Spies: Unexpected heroes of WWII book cover

Surprising Spies: Unexpected Heroes of WWII by Karen Gray Ruelle
True stories of people who acted as spies to help bring down the Axis of evil during World War II.

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