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The librarians at our Ellet Branch have put together a list of their Favorite Children’s Books of 2020. Adults don’t be deterred thinking these are for kids! The fiction titles especially are great for young and old.


Board Books

Your Nose! : a Wild Little Love Song  by Sandra Boynton
How sweet are little noses? Explore them in this board book featuring foxes and their boop-able noses. 

 When I Grow Up I Want to Drive...  by Rosamund Lloyd
Fun flaps reveal text about a variety of vehicles. Perfect for any child who loves things that go.

Doggie Gets Scared  by Leslie Patricelli
Sometimes Doggie gets scared, but, don’t worry, Baby is here.

Little Big Nate : No Nap!  by Lincoln Peirce
In this board book, Nate hates naps, but soon drifts off to sleep and has all kinds of adventures!

Picture Books

I am Every Good Thing  by Derrick Barnes
From the author of Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut comes an empowering book for young Black children. 

Ten on a Twig  by Lo Cole
A counting backwards book involving birds that just can’t stay on the twig! 

Garden Jungle  by Helene Druvert
A boy chases a butterfly through an intricately cut paper jungle.

Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse  by Jane Godwin
Can you spot the little mouse as she travels?  Discover colors, numbers, vehicles, and more.

Bear is Awake! : an Alphabet Story  by Hannah E. Harrison
Bear wakes up early from hibernation and stumbles into a cabin, to the dismay of a little girl - but they end up having a great day together.

Are Your Stars Like My Stars?  by Leslie Helakoski
Even though we may live in different parts of the world, we all see the same colors.

Alphonse, There's Mud on the Ceiling!  by Daisy Hirst
Alphonse and Natalie use their imaginations to have adventures in their apartment, but eventually, they long for the great outdoors and find a way to bring a little back home with them.

Everybody Says Meow  by Constance Lombardo
Cat announces that it is time for everybody to say meow. Dog, however, says woof. What will they do? 

Five Fuzzy Chicks  by Diana Murray
After a long day on the farm, five chicks are still full of energy.  However, each eventually finds a cozy place and falls asleep.  Lots of opportunities to make animal sounds!

Bunny Overboard   by Claudia Rueda
In this interactive book, you are asked to blow, rock, and pat pages as Bunny goes on an underwater adventure.

One of These is Not Like the Others  by Barney Saltzberg
Turn each page to find three things that are alike and one that is different, but that’s the way we like it!  It’s GREAT to be different!

Snail Crossing  by Corey R. Tabor
Snail has his eye on a cabbage, but first he must cross the street.  Even though he is determined, he does run into some trouble.

Early Readers

Run, Mo, Run!  by David Adler 
Mo and his classmates are having a track meet against another class. Can Mo win his race and help his class earn a surprise dessert?

Jack at Bat  by Mac Barnett
Jack is playing baseball in the newest installment of the hilarious ‘Jack’ book series.

Fox Versus Winter  by Corey R. Tabor
All of Fox’s friends seem to have gone for winter. He is bored, cold, and alone. But he has a plan.


Fighting Words by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Even though Della’s Mom is in prison and she had to run away from home, Della stays spunky, and she always has her sister, Suki.  However, Suki is dealing with trauma of her own, and maybe Della needs to stop keeping secrets in order to help her sister.

My Life as a Potato  by Arianne Costner
Ben’s family has moved to Idaho, potato capital of the USA. He has not had the best of luck with potatoes in the past. So, when he ends up filling in as the Potato Mascot, he is sure that things will end in disaster. 

Twins  by Varian Johnson
Twin sisters Francine and Maureen have always done everything together. Francine is the brave one and Maureen is the smart one, but as they start middle school they find they are in different classes and seem to be growing apart. (Graphic Novel)

From the Desk of Zoe Washington  by Janae Marks
Zoe is looking forward to perfecting her baking skills this summer, but she is troubled by a fight with her best friend, Trevor, and a letter from her father who is in prison.  He says he didn’t commit the crime, but is he telling the truth? 

Here in the Real World  by Sara Pennypacker
Two misfit kids find refuge in an abandoned lot where they make their own little world, but can they save it from becoming a strip mall?

The Incredibly Dead Pets of Rex Dexter  by Aaron Reynolds
Rex has always wanted a pet dog, but a weird curse leaves him the caretaker of several dead zoo animals. Rex has to solve their murders before more zoo animals meet their doom.

The Case of the Missing Marquess  by Nancy Springer
Enola Holmes is the much younger sister of famed detective Sherlock Holmes. Much like her brother, Enola is smart and observant. When her mother goes missing she sets out to find her, but must also elude her older brothers, who wish to send her to finishing school.

Echo Mountain  by Lauren Wolk
Ellie has to leave her life in town for a hardscrabble life on a mountain.  Everything is a challenge, especially after her father has an accident, but Ellie is determined to help her father and make the most of her new life. 

Show Me a Sign  by Ann Clare LeZotte
Mary, a deaf girl, is living safely on Martha’s Vineyard in the 1800s until her brother dies and a scientist comes to the island with ulterior motives.  Mary learns that life isn’t as perfect as it seems.


Animology : the Big Book of Letter Art Alphabeasts  by Maree Coote
Every part of the illustrated animals are made from letters in its name.  Very clever search-and-find book. 

What's This Tail Saying?  by Carolyn Combs
Presents an unusual take on animal behavior and the importance of nonverbal communication.

The Bat  by Elise Gravel
Basic facts about bats presented with silly illustrations and asides from a bat.

T is for Thor : a Norse Mythology Alphabet  by Virginia Lo-Hagan
Explore Scandinavian culture and Norse mythology in this beautifully illustrated book.

How We Got to the Moon : the People, Technology, and Daring Feats of Science Behind Humanity's Greatest Adventure  by John Rocco
Starting with the early days of the space program, this beautifully illustrated book looks at all of the people – mathematicians, engineers, seamstresses, construction workers, and more – who helped make a moon landing possible.

Packs : Strength in Numbers  by Hannah Salyer
Togetherness helps all animals survive; even humans!  How animals work together to make their lives better.

She Leads : the Elephant Matriarch  by June Smalls
Simple text lead us through an elephant’s journey.  More detailed information is also found on each page. 

Laurie VonGunten and Sarah Hay,
Early Childhood Librarians