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We rely on science to make sense of our world every day.  Understanding and conversing about science is a valuable skill.  But with the jam-packed schedules so many kids and their families have, why would anyone want to tackle a science fair project?  Besides it being a school assignment, of course.

There is lots to learn when planning, experimenting, and presenting a science fair project – and not all of it is science.  (Don’t take our word for it. Check out this article from Science Buddies website, “The Value of the Science Fair Project”.

The process sounds easy, just pick a science-y question you want answered, develop or find an experiment to test it out, conduct the experiment, make up a display, and Bam! you’re done.

Of course, it’s not that simple.  The Akron-Summit County Public Library has resources to help you, from deciding on the question you want to ask, to providing research tools for digging into your topic; from locating good experiments to help formulate your answer to our TechZone for tools to create an awesome display.

The Science Project page on our website has a video to show you how to search the Science Project Index, plus links to other helpful tools for preparing for a science fair. And the Science & Technology division at Main Library is full of librarians ready to help.

And this Fall, the Library is teaming with the Akron Council of Engineering and Scientific Societies and the NEOH STEM Alliance to present super-helpful, virtual programs to help you get your science fair project out of your brain, on to your tri-fold, and into the competition.  Check it out.

Call or email the Science & Technology Division to register.

 submitted by Science & Technology Division Librarians