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Late August is a great time to plant some seeds. There are still plenty of warm days ahead, but our nights are usually cooler, and we often have more rainfall than we do earlier in the summer. While it’s too late to start the real heat lovers like tomatoes and peppers, or vegetables that take a long time to mature like corn or winter squash, there are plenty other vegetables you can plant.

planting fall vegetablesLeafy greens and lettuces, which mature quickly, are a good idea to plant now. Cabbages and kale like the cool weather and are not bothered by a light frost. Many people even say that frost improves the taste of kale. Root vegetables like carrots, turnips, and beets are also good for the fall garden. They can be harvested until the ground freezes.

If we have an early frost, you should plan to cover your garden with old bedsheets or similar lightweight fabric overnight. Some plants are ok with the frost, but not all appreciate it. If we have a full-blown October blizzard, well, it will be time to visit the grocery store.

The Seed Sharing Library at Main Library knows fall gardeners will need some seed, and we have them available. Visit Main Library and select up to six packets. Or, if you are using the Drive-up Window or the Main Library Outside Pickup, contact the Science & Technology division (330-643-9075, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) before you come downtown and the staff can have your seed selections ready with your other library items. If you are in the Highland Square area, the Highland Square Branch has a small selection of seeds in our Seed Sharing Library To Go available through mid-September.

We also have lots of books on vegetable gardening and seed saving.

Happy planting!

By Monique Mason
Science & Technology Division