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Strategic Plan

Our Mission: The Akron-Summit County Public Library provides resources for learning and leisure, information services, meeting spaces, and programs for all ages that support, improve, and enrich individual, family, and community life.

Our Vision: The Akron-Summit County Public Library is recognized locally as an essential community asset and nationally as one of the finest public libraries in the United States due to its excellent customer service, collaborative community involvement, and high level of customer and employee satisfaction.

Overarching Strategic Intent

To implement strategies that directly support the mission of the Library and enable our staff as we deliver service excellence, lifelong learning and enrichment to all who use our resources and programs.

The strategic intent represents the overarching philosophy associated with how the strategic priorities will be executed and will ensure all the processes, systems, structures and staffing will consistently reinforce a defined ASCPL Experience to all who interact with the Library.

This serves as a “thread” that connects all of the areas of strategic focus. To address this strategic intent, the Library will define the desired ASCPL experience which will then be incorporated into the development and implementation of the strategic goals.

Overarching Areas of Focus

The Library Board of Trustees adopted five strategic areas of focus and their defined priorities in 2018 to support the “core” strategic intent of the ASCPL Strategic Plan. 

  • Culture and Human Capital:
    • Foster a culture and work environment that engages, develops and inspires our staff.
  • Operational Excellence:
    • Demonstrate operational excellence in the delivery of our services.
  • Collections, Programs and Services:
    • Advance literacy, workforce development, life enrichment and lifelong learning through our relevant and vibrant collections, programs and services.
  • Marketing:
    • Leverage, promote and consistently demonstrate the value of our Library to our communities.
  • Outreach and Community Engagement:
    • Deliver exceptional and highly valued outreach and community engagement.