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New Books

Our quarterly list of New Books shows titles cataloged within the last few months, organized by location of records or subject matter. It is published at the same time as our newsletter, Past Pursuits. Click on the links below to view or download the lists as a PDF.

Spring 2021 pdfsymbol
Winter 2020 pdfsymbol
Spring 2020 pdfsymbol
Winter 2019 pdfsymbol
Autumn 2019 pdfsymbol
Summer 2019 pdfsymbol
Spring 2019 pdfsymbol
Winter 2018 pdfsymbol
Autumn 2018 pdfsymbol
Summer 2018 pdfsymbol
Spring 2018 pdfsymbol
Winter 2017 pdfsymbol
Autumn 2017 pdfsymbol
Summer 2017 pdfsymbol
Spring 2017 pdfsymbol
Winter 2016 pdfsymbol
Autumn 2016 pdfsymbol
Summer 2016 pdfsymbol
Spring 2016 pdfsymbol
Winter 2015 pdfsymbol
Autumn 2015 pdfsymbol
Summer 2015 pdfsymbol
Spring 2015 pdfsymbol
Winter 2014 pdfsymbol
Summer 2014 pdfsymbol

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