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Akron Art Library

Mike Gable - Stage - 2015

Mike Gable - Stage - Oil on Cardboard 15 1/4 x 18 1/2

About the Artist

Mike Gable
American, born 1979, Akron, Ohio;
Lives Akron, Ohio

Washes of hazy blue and gray dominate this composition, as a thick white rectangle hovers above. Look closely and you will notice careful splashes of red and deep blue hues contained within the white form. At a distance, Stage appears abstract, but closer inspection reveals a variety of Mike Gable’s references.

“I have always referenced my surroundings in abstract painting and drawing,” says Gable, “if only as a jumping off point. The act of looking and the direct engagement through mark-making are indispensable to my practice. More often than not, I end up denying and destroying the existence of these references in the negotiation process of painting.” However, Gable has recently shifted his practice, blurring the lines between abstraction and representation. “While remaining open to chance and change in my work, I am leaving clues to the histories of my visual explorations and learning to celebrate them.”

Mike Gable is a staff member at the Akron Art Museum. He graduated from the University of Akron in 2003 with a BFA in drawing and painting. Stage appeared in Gable’s 2017 exhibition “special interest” at the Emily Davis Gallery.

View more work by Mike Gable on Instagram: @gabledroid