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Akron Art Library

Lauren Mckenzie-Noel - Twins - 2018

Lauren Mckenzie-Noel - Twins - Acrylic and oil on wood panel 20 x 16 in.

About the Artist

Lauren Mckenzie-Noel
American, born 1988, Detroit, Michigan;
Lives Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Lauren Mckenzie-Noel explores her identity as a woman of color by using a wide range of saturated hues in her Pop art-inspired portraits. Twins appears in the series Lady Noel Geo, which examines topics of bi-racialism and body image through the interplay of bold colors, geometric shapes and the female form. Throughout her artistic practice as a painter, illustrator and sculptor, Mckenzie-Noel aims to create an inclusive space by featuring people of color in her work.

You can find Lauren Mckenzie-Noel at the Cleveland Flea under the moniker “Lady Noel,” selling original works of art and prints during warmer months. You can spot murals inspired by the Lady Noel Geo series around Cleveland at Public Square, Midtown and the Creative Clubhouse in Tyler Village. Her work also graces the windows of RTA’s Red Line as part of the INTER|URBAN project in collaboration with RTA, LAND Studio, the Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards and the Cleveland Foundation.

To view or purchase work by Lauren Mckenzie-Noel, visit: or follow on Instagram @laurenpierce_designs.