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Akron Art Library

Alexandria Couch - Only at Home Inside Your Head - 2018

Alexandria Couch - Only at Home Inside Your Head - Pen and ink on paper 20 x 16 in.

About the Artist

Alexandria Couch
American, born 1998, Akron, Ohio;
Lives Akron, Ohio

What is “home”? Is it people, a specific place or the memories made during a certain period of time? In response to the 2018 exhibition A House is Not a Home at the Emily Davis Gallery Alexandria Couch created Only at Home Inside Your Head. To Couch, the feeling of home doesn’t remind her of any particular physical space, but a state of mind evoked by what builds up our identities and makes us feel safe. "The majority of my work explores the theme of identity,” says Couch. “It’s motivated by the continuous struggle of minorities to discover and root themselves in places that are often unsupportive of this type of culture and growth.”

Alexandria Couch is an undergraduate student at the University of Akron Myers School of Art, majoring in printmaking, painting and drawing. She is the recipient of the 2018 High Arts Festival runner up prize in the 2D visual arts category.

To view more work by Alexandria Couch, follow her on Instagram: @cosmocouch