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Students of all ages are returning to classrooms, both virtually and physically, and teachers are not only managing academic concerns but the emotional and social needs of their students. Akron-Summit County Public Library education databases provide access to informative articles about trauma-informed care and practice in schools that can help educators gain a greater understanding of students' needs after the stressful events of this year.

Trauma-informed care speaks to the social and emotional learning standards established by the Ohio Department of Education and helps educators understand and assist learners affected by adverse childhood experiences.

The following articles on trauma informed care in schools are available in full-text in the ERIC and Professional Development Collection databases, which are accessible through the library website with your library card:

  • Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies
  • All SEL Should Be Trauma-Informed
  • Fostering Intrinsic Resilience: A Neuroscience-Informed Model of Conceptualizing and Treating Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • Some FAQs for Educators On Children’s Trauma
  • Students Will Need More SEL Support When School Returns

By Kerry Sutherland
Librarian, Ellet Branch Library


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