The Akron-Summit County Public Library is committed to serving everyone with equity, respect, and kindness. Please help us ensure a welcoming, inclusive, and safe place for all by respecting others and their belongings, and Library spaces, staff, and property.

The Library welcomes customers of all abilities. All ASCPL staff members are trained in inclusive practices. We know some of our visitors might:

  • Make noises
  • Speak very loudly or repeat what they hear others say
  • Not make eye contact or respond to questions
  • Make rapid and repetitive movements or wander in continuous patterns

Prohibited Conduct

Customers are not allowed to engage in conduct that violates federal, state, or local law or that causes, threatens, or unduly risks harm to Library staff, property, operations, or customers. Harms to other Library customers include endangerment of their physical safety, invasion of their privacy, harms to their dignity, and interference with their use and enjoyment of the Library.

In accordance with the procedures prescribed below, customers who engage in prohibited conduct defined above are subject to sanctions ranging from a warning to immediate expulsion and banishment from the Library. Violations of criminal laws may result in referrals to law enforcement authorities.

The following are examples of prohibited conduct:

  1. Physically assaulting another customer or a member of the Library staff
  2. Verbally abusing, menacing, threatening or sexually or racially harassing another person by words or gestures, either in person or by use of the Library’s wireless network, devices, or media platforms
  3. Taunting or provoking another person to fight
  4. Unlawfully possessing weapons, including concealed firearms
  5. Destroying, mutilating, or damaging Library property or the property of Library customers or staff members
  6. Possessing alcohol or illegal drugs
  7. Trespassing in a non-public area of a Library facility
  8. Engaging in sexual conduct or indecent exposure
  9. Bringing animals into a Library facility, except for animals brought in for Library programs and service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act
  10. Purposely impeding or hindering another person’s movement into, about, or out of a Library facility or vehicle
  11. Violating the Library’s Policy on Internet and Computer Use
  12. Circulating a petition inside Library facilities
  13. Failing to abide by any physical distancing requirements that are in effect
  14. Failing to abide by any safety face-covering requirement that is in effect
  15. Persistently and uninvitedly following another person
  16. Failing to wear appropriate attire, including a shirt and shoes
  17. Making noise that unreasonably interferes with others’ use of the Library or with the work of Library staff members, including loud talking, laughter, playing of music or video recordings, or telephone conversations
  18. Selling, purchasing, or offering to sell or purchase a product or service while on Library property or in a Library vehicle, except when authorized at a Library-sponsored event
  19. Panhandling
  20. Photographing or making an audio or video recording that invades the privacy of Library customers or rises to the level of harassment or interferes with Library operations
  21. An adult photographing or making an audio or video recording of minors who did not accompany the adult taking the photograph or making the recording unless the minor’s parent, guardian, or accompanying adult grants permission
  22. Using Library restrooms or other Library facilities for bathing or washing clothing or other personal items
  23. Failing to provide proper supervision of children for whom one is responsible
  24. Running or engaging in horseplay
  25. Smoking or vaping
  26. Eating or drinking, except where permitted
  27. Littering
  28. Sleeping


Customers who violate this policy may be required by staff members or security officers to leave the Library for the rest of the day. Longer expulsions may be imposed by the Security Manager. The length and terms of such longer expulsions will be based on the type and degree of harm caused, threatened, or risked; the willfulness of the violation; the persistence of the violation; whether warnings were ignored or defied; and any history of previous violations by the customer. If possible, the Security Manager will inform the customer of the length and terms of the expulsion. When practicable, the Library will provide alternative means by which expelled customers may use Library materials and services (e.g., drive-up service, outside pickup service).

Reconsideration of Expulsions

Customers upon whom such longer expulsions are imposed may request reconsideration of the expulsion by contacting the Security Manager by telephone at 330-643-9172 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In that event, the Security Manager will discuss the incident with the customer and with other affected parties, including any staff members and security officers who were involved, and gather pertinent information. The Security Manager has discretion to alter the length and terms of the expulsion as a result of the reconsideration.

Appeals of Expulsions Exceeding 30 Days

After reconsideration by the Security Manager, a customer who has been expelled for longer than 30 days may appeal the expulsion to the Executive Director of the Library or the Executive Director’s designee. A customer may request an in-person hearing or may submit a written statement and any other documentation to the Executive Director. Requests must be made within five (5) working days of the conclusion of the Security Manager’s reconsideration. If the customer submits a written statement, the Executive Director or the Executive Director’s designee will make a decision based upon that statement any attached documents. If the customer requests an in-person hearing, the customer will be notified of the date, time, and place of the hearing by mail. The customer will be informed of the outcome of the appeal in writing as soon as practicable.

In-person appeal hearings must be requested in writing. Such requests and any statements or other documentation must be sent either by electronic mail sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail addressed to

Executive Director
Akron-Summit County Public Library
60 S High Street
Akron, OH 44326

Adopted by the ASCPL Board of Trustees
January 25, 2024

Our Mission: The Akron-Summit County Public Library provides resources for learning and leisure, information services, meeting spaces, and programs for all ages that support, improve, and enrich individual, family, and community life.