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Angelo Merendino

Angelo Merendino, Parents Waving Goodbye at the Door - 2013

Parents Waving Goodbye at Door, 2013 - Inkjet print

About the Artist

American, born 1973, Akron, Ohio
Lives in Cleveland, Ohio

Angelo Merendino makes profound statements by capturing some of life’s smallest moments with is photography. Parents Waving Goodbye at Door is from the artist’s series Goodbye at Door, where Merendino would document this simple, fleeting gesture as he’d leave his parents’ home in Akron’s North Hill neighborhood. After his wife’s death, which Merendino documented in the series The Battle We Didn’t Choose: My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer, the artist decided to return to Cleveland from NYC to be closer to his parents. During this time, he would visit weekly to spend time and capture memories of his aging parents through photography. After Merendino’s father passed away, he started looking through the thousands of photographs he made of his family and the goodbye series stood out to him. The final photograph in the series is the first Merendino took of his mother standing alone at the door. To view more work by Merendino, visit: angelomerendino.com

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Andrew Thomas Lopez

Andrew Thomas Lopez, Thumbs Up - 2011

Thumbs Up, 2011 - Archival inkjet print

About the Artist

American, born 1983, San Antonio, Texas
Lives in Chicago, Illinois

Photographer Andrew Thomas Lopez created Thumbs Up and the works in his series This Means Something in reaction to his son’s autism diagnosis. As his son, who was nonverbal at the time, made attempts to express himself through interactions with toys and objects, Lopez began to document these creations, which he considers collaborations. For this particular image, Lopez and his son were playing with stickers. When Lopez’s son came across a colorful page of thumbs up stickers, he made a thumbs up gesture which Lopez mimicked. After Lopez closed his fist, his son began to meticulously arrange stickers down Lopez’s arm. Once complete, his son exclaimed, “Make a picture? Daddy is making pictures.” The two posed in an embrace for Thumbs Up, their first collaborative image.

An Akron native, Lopez earned his BFA at the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron. “The arts community, including the Akron Art Museum and colleagues in Summit county, were my first experiences with the arts, and have been a great influence in my life. Some of my closest supporters continue to be from the area, and I always feel welcome during my frequent visits,” remarks Lopez. Lopez earned his MFA at Columbia College in Chicago, where he now resides. To view more of his photography, visit: andrewthomaslopez.com

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Amy Casey

Amy Casey -Tilt, 2016

Tilt, 2016 - Aquatint etching on paper

About the Artist

American, born 1976, Erie, Pennsylvania
Lives in Cleveland, Ohio

Amy Casey is a full-time painter who also employs printmaking. Tilt, which appears almost as a city blueprint, is one of many works that reflects the art of city building and Casey’s fascination with the urban cityscape. Inspired by the post-industrial landscape of the Midwest, specifically her Tremont neighborhood and the buildings of Cleveland, it is evident that Casey’s surroundings have infiltrated her work. Most of the scenes she paints and etches are of real buildings throughout the city. Casey has stated that her body of work is a reimagining of the city in which she lives and works, as she has been “rebuilding Cleveland over and over again.”

Amy Casey is currently represented by Zg Gallery in Chicago and Michael Foley in New York City. To learn more about her work, visit: amycaseypainting.com or zggallery.com/casey

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Art Care & Hanging Guidelines

Artworks can become damaged when they are not securely hung or when exposed to excessive light or humidity.

If you exercise CAUTION, these damages can be prevented. This list of hanging guidelines will help you to protect the artwork from uninten­tional damage. Please note that a repair fee will be charged should the frame, glass or artwork be damaged. Fees will be assessed according to the severity of the damage. Fines for lost, missing or unreturned work are $500.

Please keep in mind the following suggestions when hanging artworks:

DO NOT hang artwork in the bathroom, kitchen, basement or near heating or air conditioning vents/units.

DO NOT use adhesive backed picture hooks.

DO NOT use an existing nail without checking it for secure mounting in the wall.

DO choose a location for the artwork that exposes it to a minimum of light, humidity and dust.

DO use picture hangers of the correct strength. Hanging materials will be provided to you upon checking out the artwork.

DO use two nails where possible. The strength is doubled and the artwork wil-1 stay level.

DO drive nails into a stud if possible. Studs are generally 16" apart so you can measure from a corner or doorway to find them.

DO check whatever device you use prior to hanging the picture. Pull down on it to check for firm attachment to the wall.

DO drive the nail into the wall at an angle to prevent it from pulling out.

If you have any questions regarding the care and hanging of your artwork, do not hesitate to contact the Akron Art Library Program Coordinator: 330.376.9185 ext. 249 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For questions regarding renewing or requesting an artwork, contact the division of Culture and AV Division at the Akron-Summit County Public Main Library: 330.643.9015.