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Miller Horns, Morning,Noon, and Night, 1980s

Miller Horns, Morning, Noon, and Night, 1980s - Mixed media

About the Artist

Miller Horns
American, born 1948, Alabama
Died 2012, Akron, Ohio

Miller Horns, an Akron artist and community activist, created art with a wide array of textures and vibrant colors. The artist’s work reflects a variety of subject matter, including autobiographic daily reflections, emotional confessions and historic documentation. Horns’ choice in technique was often informed by his interest in technology as well as his difficult financial circumstances—he used what was readily available to him.

Horns studied commercial art at the University of Akron and earned his BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art. He completed numerous public commissions, including murals for the Akron Children’s Hospital and Akron Public Library’s Maple Valley Branch. Later in his life, Horns designed the Matthews Hotel Monument, which can be found at the intersection of North Howard Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in Akron. This monument commemorates the former segregated African-American entertainment district of Howard Street.

Horns’ work is archived at the Cleveland Western Reserve Historical Society, and it has been exhibited at The Akron Art Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and The Canton Museum of Art.