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Akron Art Library - Odom Boulevard Collection

Kwamé Gomez - Sweet Slumbers, 2019

Kwamé Gomez, Sweet Slumbers, 2019 - Acrylic, glitter, ink and wood on wood panel

About the Artist

Kwamé Gomez
American, born 1999, Akron, Ohio;
Lives in Akron, Ohio

Kwamé Gomez addresses decolonization through depicting the reclamation of space, time and culture in their artwork. Inspired by the interconnected geographical makeup, aesthetics and climate of West African and Taíno cultures, Gomez creates fantasy-driven pre-colonial worlds in which black and brown bodies exist and thrive without hate, control or fear. In Sweet Slumbers, Gomez alludes to the creation of dreamlike worlds and entities through the cultural conventions and functionalities of black hair, specifically Afro-threading. In this work the figure is carried away to a peaceful slumber as its hair serves as a vessel between the dream world and reality. 

The artist uses a variety of mixed-media in their work in order to render the aesthetic quality of materials known throughout the African Diaspora, such as braiding hair, beads and traditional cloths. In Sweet Slumbers, Gomez uses acrylic, glitter, ink and wood to create a visceral, turf-like texture. According to Gomez, “the media carries personal, psychological associations to to the subject matter portrayed— from the plasticity of acrylic and the dimensionality of synthetic braiding hair, foil and glitter.” To view more work by Kwamé Gomez, follow on Instagram @kwame_gomez20