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Akron Art Library - North Hill Collection

Justin Michael Will - Untitled (Today is Going to Be…), 2020 artwork

Justin Michael Will - Untitled (Today is Going to Be...), 2020 - Inkjet printed postcard

About the Artist

Justin Michael Will
Lives in Cleveland, Ohio

Justin Michael Will likes to draw every day. He has worked with all types of professional artists tools and mediums for over ten years at his day job. He has exhibited paintings and drawings that range from illustration to fine art to just plain silly. With several murals, band flyers and fake menus hanging in coffee shops and gas stations, and a slew of colorful works installed at local favorites like Vero Pizza Napoletana in Cleveland Heights, you can find him all over the Cleveland area. Embracing humor and never getting too serious, he'd like everyone to simply enjoy themselves and laugh and reflect with him on his journey.