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Jenny Schmid XXOO Yolo

Jenny Schmid, XXOO (Yolo), 2015 - Lithograph screenprint

About the Artist

Jenny Schmid
American, born 1969, Bainbridge Island, Washington
Lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Influenced by the rich history of printmaking and informed by images of social commentary, political satire, and activism, Jenny Schmid creates a fictitious world of her own. The artist calls this world “Dzenska Republika,” meaning “Republic of Jenny.” The DzR is a gender utopia, where traditional gender roles are inverted and adolescence becomes the site for the tumultuous construction of identity. Schmid is inspired by young people and how they “creatively resist mainstream gender expectations,” much like the subjects of XXOO (Yolo).

Jenny Schmid runs bikini press international and is an associate professor of art at the University of Minnesota. Her prints can be found at The Detroit Institute of Arts, The Minneapolis Institute of Art and The Block Museum in Chicago. To view more of her work, visit: