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Welcome to the Tallmadge History Digital Exhibit;
Celebrating Tallmadge's Bicentennial!

This exhibit showcases a selection of materials from the Frank E. Lawrence Collection housed at the Tallmadge Branch Library.  The collection, donated to the Library in 1991 by Frank E. Lawrence, consists of historical materials about the community of Tallmadge, from its beginnings as an early town of the Connecticut Western Reserve to the thriving city that it is today. To learn more about Tallmadge’s history, browse the exhibit by a theme or search it for particular photographs, documents, diaries, or maps. The collection is also indexed in the Local History Database.

Establishing & Growing Tallmadge - As one of Summit County’s first established communities, Tallmadge possesses a rich history. This early settlement of the Western Reserve was founded by Reverend David Bacon, a resident of Connecticut who, in 1806, purchased approximately 12,000 acres from investors, one of whom was Benjamin Tallmadge. more

Business & Industry - Although most of its earliest residents were farmers, Tallmadge also supported various tradesmen whose goods and services were vital to the growing community.  These early businessmen included blacksmiths, carpenters, and tanners. more

Buildings & Architecture - The New England settlers who made Tallmadge their home brought with them their tastes in architectural and building styles.  The “Western Reserve style” of architecture found in Tallmadge is a reflection of the styles that were popular in the New England towns from which these early settlers came. more

School Days - Even during its formative years, education was important to Tallmadge.  David Bacon’s 1807 plan for the community included an Academy and six district schools.  The first recorded school was established in 1809 in the home of Captain Joseph Hart.  more

Daily Life in Tallmadge - The lives of early Tallmadge residents were shaped by a number of things. Daily rhythms were dictated by family responsibilities, school, church, and community. Since most of the early residents were farmers, weather and the changing seasons were also factors. more

Other valuable sources of information on Tallmadge's rich history are the Bronson Books. Tallmadge’s earliest historian was Charles Cook Bronson, who, over a period of many years, wrote volumes of material about the community.  The original “Bronson Books," written in Bronson’s hand, are maintained by the Tallmadge Historical Society.  An indexed transcription, prepared by the former Curator Tobi Battista, may be found at the Main Library and Tallmadge Branch.  In addition, Fred Wybenga, also of the Tallmadge Historical Society, expanded the table of contents for each volume and transferred it to an electronic format that allows for easier searching.

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