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Establishing & Growing Tallmadge

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This pamphlet, published in 1966, documents the history of the Tallmadge Historical Society, the oldest historical society in the State of Ohio.  In March of 1858, a group of citizens approved a resolution to organize a township historical society. Since that time, the Tallmadge Historical Society has maintained an active membership that has diligently preserved the rich history of Tallmadge.  From its very beginnings, the Society has meticulously maintained its records and meeting minutes. Annual meetings, usually held in January, provide an account of events during the prior year including deaths, marriages, building construction, weather, crops, and national and world events.  The Historical Society also maintains ten volumes of the historical research and observations of Charles Cook Bronson, long time historian for the Society. The “Bronson Books” have been transcribed and are available at the Akron-Summit County Public Library.  The Society maintains a museum in the former Town Hall building on Tallmadge Circle.

Title: Tallmadge Historical Society Pamphlet

Author/Creator: Tallmadge Historical Society

Date: 1966

Related Information: Lawrence Collection

Size: 10.5 x 8.25 inches

Tallmadge Historical Society
Bronson, Charles Cook

Source: tallmadgehistoricalsocietypamphlet.tiff

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