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Establishing & Growing Tallmadge

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Early settlers of Tallmadge sought to improve traveling conditions by asking the county government to build roads. Tallmadge, at this time, was located in Portage County and it was to that county that the petition went.

The petitioners were required to purchase these $100.00 road bonds to pay the cost of the construction.  Despite having to conquer swampy ground south of the town center and equally low areas to the north, by 1815 stage coaches from Canton to Cleveland were operating on the road.

Title: Portage County Road Bond

Author/Creator: Chittinden, Gideon

Date: 1815

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Size: 8 x 13 inches

Streets and Roads-Tallmadge
Streets and Roads-Summit County
Chittinden, Gideon

Source: originalroadbond1.tiff

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